Ny. Simanjuntak br Situmorang’s Day

Dear Ny. Simanjuntak br Situmorang,

Dear heaven-sent blessing to me,

Dear super friend of mine,

Dear my Mommy,

I wanna congratulate you “Happy Mother’s Day” 🙂


you let me know you love me,
in so many different ways,
you really know how to make me feel important,
with encouragement and praise,


you’re always there when I need you,
to comfort me and to care for me,
I know I’m in your heart and mind,
your love follows me everywhere,


the thousands of things you did for me,
that helped make me happier,
stronger, and wiser,


I’m grateful for all the times,
you healed my hurts,
you calmed my fears,
so that I could face the world,
I feel safe and secure,


I’m thankful for all you showed me,
about how to love and give,
the lessons that now bring,
so many blessings to me,
each and every day,


I admire you,

I respect you,

I love you,


thank you for all you’ve done,
thanks for giving generously,


you will always be a heaven-sent blessing to me 🙂


RYS masterpieces (150)


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