MUSIC — at its essence — is what gives us memories

the title of the song is “unang sai cemburu” or “tak perlu kau cemburu”

this song is just like so many bataknese songs, talk about love, and a little bit flattery

and for me, honestly, there’s no personal issue related to the song

what makes this song special is

MY FATHER AND I USED TO SING THIS SONG ON OUR WAY TO THE OFFICE SEVERAL YEARS AGO (long before my super father came back home to heaven)



my friends asked me to sing this song


let me share you our cover and the lyric 🙂

Dang mungkin gabusan ku ho (I will never lie to you)
Dang mungkin be las oto otoan ku ho (I will never fool you)
Dang mungkin I, las so mungkin i (I won't, trust me, I won't)
Dang sekejam I, au hasian (I ain't that cruel, my dear)
Percaya manang dang percaya ho (it doesn't matter either you trust me or not)
Mulai on ku ma muse mandok tu ho (from now on, I am going to remind to)
Torus terang, cinta hian do au (honestly, I do love you) 
Sayang hian do au tu ho (I do love you with my soul)
Unang be sai curigai au (please, stop being distrustful)
Unang be sai cemburui au (please, stop being jealous)
Kabar na binege mi, (all of their stories about me)
Dang to ho I, gossip do i (it's all lie, it's gossip)
Nang sap uban simanjujung mi (although in your greying hair) 
Tung dang moru haulion mi (in my eyes, you won't lose your charm)
Posroham dilambungki hasian (please be safe in my arm)
Cinta ki sai hot do tu ho (my love will be even stronger to you) 


last but not least,

a bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer — it sings because it has a song, and so do I 🙂


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