About Riris Yunita Simanjuntak

I am never GIVEN a DREAM

without also being GIVEN the POWER to MAKE it TRUE

I may HAVE TO do balancing my life for it

h  o  w  e  v  e  r

My name is Riris Yunita Simanjuntak

Riris in Bataknese means COMPLETE
Yunita shows that I was born in June
Simanjuntak is my family name
so my complete name means

in June my parents felt that their happiness was complete

because after they had a handsome son they were blessed with a really sweet-kind hearted-multi talented daughter 🙂
beside that, my parents hoped someday
their daughter can complete others with her existences

I was born June 25th 1989

I am Christian

I am good at singing, being Master of Ceremony, and staring at nothing

I have passion in teaching

I have been teaching since I was in the 1st grade of senior high school

and I am still teaching now

and I want to dedicate my life to teach as long as I live

In my opinion, being a dedicated TEACHER is the highest achievement

— after being an obedient DAUGHTER – loveable WIFE – caring and nurturing MOTHER —

that I wanna get


— — —

Now, let’s talk about F A M I L Y

with proud I introduce the most influencing people in my life

Mr and Mrs Simanjuntak

my older brother, younger sister, and I

to the outside world, we all grow old, but not to brother and sister, we know each other as we always are, we know each other’s hearts, we share private family jokes, we remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. we live outside the touch of time.

I have a nice quote to describe my family:

I don’t choose my family, they are God’s gift to me, as I am to them

I love my papa, mama, abang Daniel, Retta a lot

I fall in love with them deeper every second in my life

I always thank God for what I have already got.

I thank God for life, dreams, chances, family, and so many things. I regret nothing in my life, but if it is possible I always ask God to give me a little more things.


I ask for a man who can complete me as I can complete his life

He doesn’t have to be like a prince in the fairytale story

He just has to be himself

I ask for a man who can be my lover, friend, leader, and partner indeed in order to be bless wherever we will be

now on He and I might be in a different path but I am pretty sure God will make an intersection of our path

and on that moment we will say

” Hi, my other half,

nice to see you 🙂

I know it SHOULD BE YOU right here beside me,

let’s walk together

not in your path or my path

but in OUR PATH “

— Riris Yunita Simanjuntak

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